The Village of Fazanovo

Villa Marina is situated in the quaint village of Fazanovo

Cuddled away in the beautiful Strandzha Mountain Range Fazanovo is a quaint and small village surrounded by beautiful forests, filled with amazing people, and plenty of charm. In close proximity to the beautiful beach resorts nearby you get both the quiet and pristine nature all the while still a step away from the hot party spots, shopping, and beaches. Originating 90 years ago Fazanovo has grown to a wonderful little cultural hub in the mountains with many artists, musicians, and actors residing throughout the year or visiting over the winter and summer holidays. The local residents are colorful and warm, enjoying and welcoming new visitors to the village as their own. While you stay in the beautiful Villa Marina you will be able to meet up with the locals at the pub or shop in the center, explore the numerous paths throughout the forest visiting extraordinary locations such as “Popovi Skali”, beautiful rivers, and breathtaking landscapes.

Vacation villa on the black sea.

Though Fazanovo is always bubbling with personality and entertaining things to do you can come for the yearly Fazanovo Fair which takes place on the weekend following Saint Marina day, the other is the Film and Art Festival (F.A.R.T. Fest) which falls on a different date each year following the Fazanovo Fair. During the winter the village of Fazanovo has approximately 15-30 permanent residents which you can easily get to know throughout your stay. If you are looking for a bit more action and people the summers offer a drastic difference in comparison to the winter. The villas throughout the village are full all summer long with numerous travelers as well as people that have grown up in Fazanovo and return for the summers.

Villa Marina offers bike tours to the beautiful Popovi Skali

Enjoy the best of both worlds! Villa Marina offers everything you will need for a quick or even longer vacation. Spend your days out on the beaches in the nearby resorts or simply enjoy a stroll or bike along the numerous paths around the village, exploring the beauty of the Strandzha Mountain Range. If you are looking for a village filled with personality, beauty, and charm then Fazanovo is certainly the spot for you and Villa Marina is the key to it.

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